Selling, Sourcing & Buying

Selling, Sourcing & Buying

Whether looking to build, add to, or liquidate a collection, Maureen Downey and team are the best in the business at locating sound bottles for special occasions, starting or grow existing collections, and turning excess inventory into hefty returns.


Our extensive network and unparalleled reputation for representing nothing but top-quality wines ensure that you will achieve higher prices than you could attain on your own.

Chai Consulting receives preferred terms and superior oversight of consignments at major, reputable international wine auction houses and other resellers ensuring best placement, marketing, and prices achieved.

Our experts simplify the process comparing offers and negotiating terms to ensure the most lucrative outcomes, often with zero seller’s fees or expenses incurred by our clients, and we oversee the consignment or sale to ensure unequalled results.

Buying & Sourcing

Maureen Downey is recognized one of the foremost global experts in wine sourcing and purchasing for investment in the world.

She advises clients on purchasing wines of top provenance for enjoyment in the short term, in decades to come, or to be enjoyed by future generations.

Chai Consulting has a long record of being out ahead of wine markets and making adept, sound purchases and giving purchase advice for investment purposes.

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