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Collection Management

Building, growing, and managing wine collections can be overwhelming. Wine collectors are typically busy, successful professionals, and no matter how knowledgeable and passionate the collector may be, too often what started as a hobby becomes more of a job than a simple pleasure.

Maureen Downey started Chai Consulting to do the work for collectors so they could maximize the enjoyment of their cellars. Our experts work with collectors all over the world, doing as little or as much as the collector desires.

Our experts can set up systems the collector can maintain themselves. We also provide white glove service whereby we manage all facets of wine collection management including maintaining an updated inventory both physically in the cellar, and administratively, so that our clients’ work load is only to choose which bottle they want enjoy at any given time.

Cellar Planning

Whether building a new collection or upgrading an existing cellar, our experts plan and execute personalized strategies for acquisitions or sales to meet optimum inventory plans.

Inventory Taking & Reconciliation

Initial inventory taking, or reconciling an inventory that has gotten out of control. We recommend inputting inventories into online inventory management software programs and will discuss best options with to match individual collectors.

Physical Inspection & Cataloging

Individual bottle conditions including ullage, color, cork, capsule, neck tag and label conditions may affect suggested consumption time-frame and individual bottle value and rae a vital piece of information for collectors to have on hand when deciding when to drink, what to sell or where to store individual bottles. Our experts note bottle conditions and take them into account when mapping cellars and creating drink date advisory and valuations

Organization and Re-Organization

Our experts organize home cellars and storage lockers based on the needs of the individual collector preferences and consumption patterns.

Bar Coding & Ongoing Inventory Tracking Systems

Bar codes can be applied to individual bottles for ease of accurate ongoing inventory management. We have developed a number of different bar code system options for clients to use with online cellar management systems, or for Chai Consulting to perform ongoing inventory management.

Valuation & Reporting

Bespoke Cellar Books with locations, drink dates, professional rates and scores and any other information can be supplied, and updated at the interval of the clients choosing.
Valuations for potential sales, insurance coverage, estate and other needs can be provided.