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Valuation Reports & Expert Witness

Maureen Downey is internationally recognized as an authority in global wine markets, wine valuation, and wine authentication and wine fraud.
Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 3.10.28 PMMs. Downey has provided expert witness reporting and testimony to the Department of Justice in the sentencing of convicted counterfeiter Rudy Kurniawan, wine valuation and expert witness testimony on behalf of JJ’s restaurant in Kansas City, Mo, and testified on behalf of Bill Koch on his lawsuit against wine fraudster Eric Greenberg, who the jury slapped with $12million dollars in punitive damages. She works closely with federal and local agencies on wine fraud and wine counterfeiting cases and has consulted on such high profile cases as the Premier Cru retail store bankruptcy and fraud resulting in US$70million in undelivered wine, The French Laundry wine theft and the successful conviction of wine fraudster, Joshua Krummenoehl.

Maureen is currently involved as an expert in cases involving valuation of wine that was stolen, as an expert against agents who allegedly knowingly sold counterfeits to a client. She also continues to work with authorities to help bring to justice those that would defraud wine consumers.

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Maureen Downey has specialized in wine valuation for almost two decades. Through both financial and wine market booms and busts, she has been able to read and often accurately forecast trends in global markets. She is an expert that can speak authoritatively about wine markets current and past. There are many reasons one might need a valuation for their wine, and as such the type of reporting will vary depending on the need of the Client.