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TCM® Wine Authentication

TCM® Wine Authentication: The Chai Method®

Whether you have concerns about a single bottle of wine, or an entire cellar full of them, if you have made purchases recently or bottles were purchased by a loved one decades ago, we will help to determine the authenticity of your investment. Fine and rare wine markets are flooded with counterfeits and more bottles are being made and released, or even returned and then resold to new buyers by unscrupulous, uneducated or careless vendors all the time. We are here to help you protect your investment, and insure only proper purchases are made, and authentic bottles are enjoyed.

Since 2005, Chai Consulting, has achieved an amazing success rate of attaining remuneration for clients that have been sold counterfeit wines, almost always without having to take the situations to court. The cost of a formal written report is far less than a court case. When it comes to Wine Authentication, it pays, in savings or remuneration, to have Maureen Downey and her team of professionals on your side.

To submit bottles and get started online, go to our Authenticate My Wine page at WineFraud.com.
“Maureen’s Advice is sound. She is the Queen of Sniffing out fakes.”

– Jancis Robinson, OBE, MW



TCM Authentication Inspection®

Types and numbers of photos and the extent to which written notes are taken may depend on the type of reporting the Client has requested.

Haven’t purchased Yet? That is the BEST time to call in the experts!  We inspect auction lots and retail/broker offerings to ensure veracity of bottles prior to making an investment. It is a quick process and can save lots of time, money and hassle if inspections are done prior to purchase. For pre-purchase inspections, you need only TCM Verbal Opinion Reports® are we offer discounts for large numbers of bottles, and like bottles. For more information please contact us.

Once inspection is complete, we need to get our findings and opinions to you. We offer several options for reporting.


Findings Reporting Options

VERBAL REPORTING: Appropriate for all findings

TCM Verbal Opinion Report®

A TCM Verbal Opinion Report® can provide is the clarity that every wine collector needs to ensure the wine they purchased, or are looking to purchase, is authentic. Verbal Reports can be used to deliver opinions for both authentic/consistent and counterfeit/inconsistent bottles.

Following inspection notes and photographs are analyzed to determine opinions of authenticity of individual bottles. Once determined, findings are delivered, by individual bottle, to the Client in a TCM Verbal Opinion Report®. No written or paper report is delivered. TCM Verbal Opinion Report® finds are confidential and are for personal edification only. Findings may not be used for marketing or sales purposes or to attain remuneration.


Document Proof of Authenticity or Fraudulence with TCM Inspection Reports®

The inspection process for a TCM Inspection Reports® is typically more extensive than that for a verbal report as it requires much more photography, at times by our professional photographer, full notation of all 90+ elements on each bottle as well as other proprietary inspection methods that are laborious and time consuming, but necessary to complete a thorough and accurate written report.


TCM Inspection Reports®

TCM Inspection Reports® are written reports for counterfeit bottles/bottles inconsistent with known authentic examples and production standards, which can be used by clients for purposes of attaining remuneration for bad purchases against the vendors that made the sales. They are extensive, written reports with photographs and descriptions of why individual bottles are determined counterfeit or inconsistent with authentic production standards, and can include current market replacement valuation, used to compel vendors to settle quick and significant claims for bad purchases without having to incur the costs of going to court. Depending on information provided by the Client, they can be drafts or court ready reports. Should you choose to move forward with remuneration, we remain available as needed for advisory services and expert witness testimony related to the remuneration of fraudulent purchases.

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Chai Vault

Share the Results of Your Authenticated Bottle in our block chain based authentication database which is sure to revolutionize wine authentication, provenance tracking and secondary market sales of fine and rare wines.

Following entry into the block chain based, Chai Vault, authentic bottles, and bottles found to be consistent with known production standards and practices, can be registered and marketed as having been authenticated.

Notes, photographs from our inspection along with the bottles unique ID, or “thumbprint,” and an inspection certificate are all available in the block chain online. The details of the authentication can remain private or made public by the owner to be used for marketing and sales purposes as long as the bottle matches the matrix stored as its unique ID in the block chain. As the bottle changes hands, provenance information can be updated, and control over the block chain transfers as well.

Owners of Authentic bottles will be able to use the outcome to market their bottles as having been authenticated, and provenance will be tracked for the life of the bottle, as long as the bottle remains unaltered such that its unique ID in the block chain is intact. Brokers, retailer and auction houses can link to the block chain information to show the authentication information to potential buyers, for the bottles life, verifying the provenance and thus raising the value of the bottle.


How do I get Started?

To submit bottles and get started online, go to our Authenticate My Wine page at WineFraud.com.

To contact an expert with questions, or to arrange us coming to your location for inspection, contact us.

“Keen, experienced, and methodic is how I describe Maureen’s approach to wine authentication. Maureen Downey’s knowledge and experience have served as an invaluable tool in identifying questionable, highly collectible, often older, wine bottles I purchased. Based on her findings, I was able to return bottles I had purchased or intended to purchase. I highly recommend her service as a wine professional!”

 – James Grandison, Professor of Ethics, Victim of Rudy Kurniawan Counterfeits