It was a standing room only crowd for Maureen Downey’s CWE, DWS presentation  titled: Growing Older: Not All Wines are Created Equal at the Society of Wine Educators annual event on Thursday, July 26th  Wine educators and specialists from all over the world attended the event in San Mateo, CA, where Downey provided interesting statistics on  the tiny percentage of global wine production that is really made to age…less than 1%!  Downey went on to explain: What makes one wine age worthy and another short-lived? What are the characteristics that are required for a wine to age? What happens to fine wine as it ages 5, 10, 20 or more years, and what are the realities of “drinking windows” for a number of different quality wines in both the old and new worlds, including guidelines to age-worthiness and appropriate timing for certain classic wines. Participants then got a chance to test their knowledge by guessing the variety and age of several wines, specially selected from the cellar of a Chai Consulting client, and at auction.