Expert Witness & Appraisals

Appraisal Reports & Expert Witness

Chai Consulting is a recognized expert appraiser for IRS donations, insurance (coverage or loss), asset division (divorce), estate valuations and valuation information in advanced of potential sales.

Expert Witness & Appraisal Reports

Maureen Downey has provided expert witness reporting and testimony in many cases involving loss of assets due to wildfires, hurricanes, and other natural disasters, as well as temperature changes due to equipment failure. She has been very active working with wineries, restaurants, vendors, private collectors, insurance companies and attorneys in the past years with all the wildfires in California’s wine country.

She worked for the Department of Justice in the sentencing of convicted counterfeiter Rudy Kurniawan, provided expert witness testimony on behalf of JJ’s restaurant in Kansas City, Mo, and testified on behalf of Bill Koch in his successful lawsuit against Eric Greenberg. She works closely with federal and local agencies on wine fraud and wine counterfeiting cases and has consulted on many high-profile cases including the Premier Cru bankruptcy and fraud resulting in US$70million in undelivered wine, The French Laundry wine theft, as well as the successful conviction of several wine fraudsters and counterfeit victims. She continues to work with authorities and victims to help bring to justice those who would defraud wine consumers, vendors, and producers.

Maureen Downey and Chai Consulting are a recognized appraiser and expert witness for litigation, insurance (coverage or loss), asset division (divorce), IRS donations, estate valuations and edification in advanced of sale.

Chai Consulting has a Certified International Appraiser on staff and follow USPAP appraisal techniques and standards.

Contact Maureen for expert witness services in areas including:

  • Winery loss due to fire/natural disaster or mechanical failure
  • Wine collection loss due to theft, fire, improper shipping or storage
  • Appraisal reports
  • Asset division
  • Estate planning and collection liquidation
  • Authentication and renumeration for bad purchases
  • Wine fraud litigation

Maureen Downey is internationally recognized as an authority in global wine markets, wine valuation, wine and spirits authentication and fraud.

Maureen Downey is internationally recognized as an authority in global wine markets, wine valuation, and wine authentication and wine fraud.

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