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TCM® Wine Authentication

Have concerns about a single bottle, or an entire cellar full of them?

Contemplating a purchase but want assurances in advance of investment?

Own bottles purchased by a loved one decades ago and want to know sale-ability and worth?

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“Maureen’s Advice is sound. She is the Queen of Sniffing out fakes.”
– Jancis Robinson, OBE, MW

TCM® Wine Authentication

Results of Authentication are Delivered:

Verbally – for pre-purchase advisory

Formal Report – Court ready, written report which can be used for renumeration of bad purchases

Chai Vault™– Certification in the groundbreaking, blockchain-secured, anti-fraud solution for tracking authenticity and provenance through the entire life of a bottle of wine or spirits.

Chai Vault certification proves bottle-level authenticity by layering multiple identifications and technologies supported by blockchain security. Chai Vault certification empowers potential buyers with knowledge about a bottle in advance of purchase – no matter where they are in the world. No need to be in proximity to scan it, because if you are holding the bottle, it is most probably too late…

Bottles are inputted, “Vaulted,” by the producer during production, or in the secondary market following inspection by a TCM Certified Authenticator or licensed vendor with provable direct provenance. Inspection location, date, and authenticator information as well as all sale information remain visible on the bottle’s individual, online Ledger of Authenticity & Provenance, while owner name can be encrypted for confidentiality. Other owner information is encrypted to all but that individual.

Vendors list certified bottles online with URLs or hyperlinks    so potential buyers can view the online certificate of Authenticity and Provenance which includes current conditions and an image of the bottle. Following sale, the provenance information is updated in the blockchain and visibly on the Ledger. When a bottle is next made available for sale, the bottle’s Chai Vault Ledger is again made providing buyer confidence in purchases or bids.

Sellers can expect top dollar for certified bottles. Consumers can focus on buying wines that are authentic rather than avoiding those that are not. Insurance firms can be sure they are insuring real assets.

Sample Ledger of Authenticity & Provenance1988 Domaine Leroy, Richebourg

Chai Vault certification is the only proof a bottle was authenticated by Chai Consulting or the team of affiliated, global TCM Certified Authenticators.

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“Keen, experienced, and methodic is how I describe Maureen’s approach to wine authentication. Maureen Downey’s knowledge and experience have served as an invaluable tool in identifying questionable, highly collectible, often older, wine bottles I purchased.

Based on her findings, I was able to return bottles I had purchased or intended to purchase. I highly recommend her service as a wine professional!”.

– James Grandison, Professor of Ethics, Victim of Rudy Kurniawan Counterfeits

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